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Whickham and District MC AutoSolo 26th September

For those who made the trip along on Sunday to the Motor Club's AutoSolo event at the Metro Centre, it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable event. We hope to have a report and some photos soon, but in the meantime we should congratulate Archie Simmonds on his excellent First Overall placing. With an overall time of 8m 11s he won by a margin of 39 seconds.

1st Overall - Archie Simmonds
1st Class A - Kevin Cousins
1st Class B - Jimmy Knox
1st Class C - Shaun Skeoch
1st Class D - Martin Ibbotson
1st Lady - Natalie Goodman
1st Newcomer - Craig Routledge

It's fair to say that of all the people that attended the event, there didn't seem to be anyone who wasn't wearing a broad grin most of the time, whether through their own efforts at the wheel or from watching the thoroughly enjoyable antics of the (very enthusiastic) competitors on the day!

Take the shopping car!


Unlike Rallying, Sprints or Hillclimbs, you can do an AutoSolo in your everyday shopping car, and you don't need crash helmets, racing overalls or special roll cages. Many of our competitors do it in their standard road cars.
(And believe it or not, that car above IS his everyday, road-going transport!)


If you've never been to an AutoSolo, or don't know what one is, then let us explain by taking this quote from the official regulations for the event:

"AutoSolo is an increasingly popular form of motorsport, it provides drivers with the opportunity to use their everyday car without the risk of damaging it, and yet the events present an exiting, challenging experience.

An AutoSolo has a series of timed, all-forwards courses, on sealed surfaces. The routes are made as clear as possible, so you can concentrate on achieving your best time, rather than on remembering the way. Compared to traditional autotesting, the tests don’t involve specialised techniques such as spin turns, are significantly longer, and can involve a little more speed through the corners.

Cars must be taxed, insured, have an MOT certificate if their age requires, and must be driven to the event. Helmets and race suits are not required. Cars can be shared with another driver.

AutoSolo events can be entered from the age of 16 and over, and may be enjoyed by those who have never competed in motorsport as well as those with experience."

We'd all like to thank Peter Grant for all the work that he's put into getting the two events up and running - it takes a huge amount of effort to do one let alone two, and they have been a great success all round.

Thanks Peter!

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