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For Sale and Wanted...

We've all got those bits and pieces that we keep meaning to put on ebay, or give away to 'A Good Home', but we never seem to get around to it.

Well, this is your golden opportunity - your chance to advertise your unwanted goods and not only make a bit of space in the garage but perhaps a bit of money on the side.

It doesn't have to be car parts - it can be anything at all - as long as you think that somebody in the Motor Club, their friends and colleagues or any visitors to the site might find it useful, advertise it here.

For sale 1

Or maybe you're looking for that elusive part, and you've exhausted all your normal contacts - simply ask on the WDMC website and you never know - somebody might just be able to help you


Whilst we don't want this to be just another site flogging junk, we do want to keep people wanting to sell cars or parts in touch with each other, and gain a little wider audience than just having an advert on the Club's notice board.

For Sale 3

Whatever you're looking to buy or sell, make sure you keep an eye on the WDMC website - you never know, that part may be closer than you think!

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