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Tosh and Brian's Christmas Quiz

2013 Christmas Quiz

As it was the last official Club Night before the 2013 WDMC Awards Evening, it was time for the Annual Christmas Quiz by Tosh and Brian, and as could be expected it was an eclectic mix of motoring trivia questions, none of which was ever likely to result in an impressive score for the winner.

In time honoured fashion, the questions ranged from the historical to the unbelievable, from the amazing to the ridiculous, and yet there were a few little gems included that brought the brain cells to life and provided a few surprises (and sparks of inspiration) along the way.

Results were as follows:
1 13 pts Peter
2 12 pts Guy
3 10.5 pts Gordon
4 8.5 pts The Young Ones
5 8 pts TeeCee
6 7 pts Mac Cliff
7 6.5 pts Ollie
8 5.5 pts Mark
9 5 pts Alastair, Jimmy and Kevin
10 2 pts Adam and Karl

It was all very good natured and in the spirit of the season, and a nice departure from the norm.

There were, of course, some surprising answers; such as the suggested record lap time for the 12.9 mile long Nordschleife of 1m 38.96 seconds, or the suggested compression ratio of 21:1 for the Hillman Imp.

Biggest cheer of the night, however, was from Guy when he found he had come second, meaning of course it would be down to Peter to arrange the next quiz in the New Year.

Thanks to all who took part, and you can download the quiz to try yourself on the link below:

Click here to download 2013 Christmas Quiz

PlayStation 6 November 2013

Tonight saw the return of the Rally Stages, and as it is that special time of year the Wales Rally GB was chosen as the event, with SS1 Resolfen being the selected Stage.

Competition was once again very enthusiastic, with many of the drivers very close indeed, most only coming to grief at the very end of the Stage with a particularly surprising and tightening right-hander just before the Finish.

Positions were again hotly contested, with Andrew, Karl and Brian all avidly watching each other for the slightest chink in order to grab a split-second advantage.

1 3.05.42 Brian
2 3.08.62 Karl
3 3.09.26 Andrew
4 3.10.34 Kev
5 3.11.52 Alastair
6 3.13.58 TeeCee
7 3.13.74 Jimmy
8 3.16.00 Ollie
9 3.20.32 Gary
10 3.20.50 Phil
11 3.24.86 Tosh
12 3.39.10 Peter

Many thanks to Karl for bringing his WRC Rally game, which was actually very pleasant to drive, Tosh saying it was the first Rally Stage he had enjoyed driving on. Having said that, looking at the speed he was going, he was probably watching the scenery more than the route! It also appears that Peter was tidying up the stage as he drove round.....

Karls Quiz - 23 October 2013

If you've ever seen the film Armageddon featuring Bruce Willis, then you'll be familiar with the concept of the unbelievable outcome, as that's exactly what Kibblesworth Club saw on the night of the 23rd October when Brian and Tosh actually won a WDMC quiz!

Amazing though it may seem, there was a certain inevitability about the fact that giving enough random guesses over a long enough period over multiple quizzes, Tosh and Brian would eventually succeed and get the result they really wanted.

Results on the night were:

1 8pts Tosh and Brian
2 7pts Alastair
2 7pts Mac Cliff
4 6pts Kev and Andy
5 5pts Gordon
5 5pts Dave Westgarth and Darkie

Anyone thinking this was just a flash in the pan should consider themselves blessed with true and absolute knowledge, as this is highly unlikely to be ever repeated during the next 50 years of Whickham and District Motor Club.

Thank you Karl for putting the Quiz on, and Championship points go to all competitors.

PlayStation 9 October 2013

Tonight was a chance to really test everybody's skill at maintaining momentum by choosing a car with only a modicum of power, thus ensuring that each driver would need to maintain the smoothest driving style in order to maintain their speed through the corners.

The car chosen was a Peugeot 106 (not that Ollie Currie had anything to do with it) and the circuit selected was one of the original Gran Turismo circuits - Apricot Hill. There was some conjecture that Ollie would have a very distinct advantage as he of course drives a 106, however only time would tell just how much of an advantage that would give him.

Competition was not so much fierce this time as very carefully considered, as each driver did their very best to maintain their maximum speed through the bends and minimise time on the brakes, accelerating or decelerating. It was good to see so much thought going into each drive and there was plenty of encouragement and enthusiasm for everyone to do well.

Results showed that there was very little to choose from between most of the drivers, all times being covered by no more than 11.5 seconds, showing that WDMC can put together a pretty good grid when push comes to shove!

1 1.47.577 Brian
2 1.49.338 Kev
3 1.50.564 Gary
4 1.51.210 Phil
5 1.52.752 Tosh
6 1.52.948 Karl
7 1.53.834 Alastair
8 1.59.051 Ollie

In fact, if it wasn't for Ollie's obvious experience in the 106, the entire list of finishers would have been covered by a fraction over 6 seconds.

Thanks to all for taking part, especially those who gave helpful advice and encouragement to those who may not have been very familiar with the circuit.

PlayStation 11 September 2013

For a change tonight Karl brought his X-Box and a Formula 1 racing game, which was a challenge to those members of the club that usually drive sideways everywhere!
Along with the X-Box Karl also brought a full driving simulator with steering wheel and pedals, and these were duly set up to enable a bit more of a driving experience than the usual hand-held controller.

As usual, competition was keen, especially as Karl set a very high standard by taking his turn first, and that gave everyone else a real target to aim at: (some of us were a little better than others in that respect) but everyone enjoyed the challenge, especially as cutting the corners too severely meant an instant disqualification of the lap.

The competition went right down to the wire, with Brian having the last attempt of the evening and only narrowly missing taking Karls lead when he spun on his last lap, handing the victory to Karl in the process.
Overall, once again, an excellent nights racing!

1. 1.54.317 Karl
2. 1.55.479 Brian
3. 1.58.611 Kev
4. 2.11.684 Peter
5. 2.13.820 Phil
6. 2.18.244 Tosh
7. 2.21.243 Gary

Maximum points for Karl this round.

Thanks to all for taking part, and in particular, thanks to Karl for bringing all the equipment.

PlayStation 14 August 2013

The theme of tonight's event was one of nostalgia - where the car was chosen from the archives when Group B and massive power was the order of the day.

The overwhelming choice of competitors was the fabulous 1985 Ford RS200 Rally Car - hard to believe that it was 28 years ago that this fire-spitting monster graced our shores!

The circuit was Cathedral Rocks Trail 1 - a complex set near Yosemite National Park, near the actual Cathedral Rocks and El Capitan areas. As with many roads of its type, it boasts many transitions in elevation and various tight corners.

There was a good level of competition, and although some of the regulars were missing tonight, it did give a rare opportunity to score extra points for the members taking part.

PlayStation 14 August 2013

The theme of tonights event was one of nostalgia - where the car was chosen from the archives when Group B and massive power was the order of the day.

The overwhelming choice of competitors was the fabulous 1985 Ford RS200 Rally Car - hard to believe that it was 28 years ago that this fire-spitting monster graced our shores!

The circuit was Cathedral Rocks Trail 1 - a complex set near Yosemite National Park, near the actual Cathedral Rocks and El Capitan areas. As with many roads of its type, it boasts many transitions in elevation and various tight corners.

There was a good level of competition, and although some of the regulars were missing tonight, it did give a rare opportunity to score extra points for the members taking part.

Results were as follows:
1. 1.47.240 Brian
2. 1.50.712 Kev
3. 1.56.295 Andrew
4. 1.58.848 Tosh
5. 2.02.171 Karl
6. 2.02.784 Alastair
7. 2.09.188 TeeCee
8. 2.25.675 Peter

Many thanks to all those who took part, especially those who gave it "The Beans" in their pursuit of points in the Club Championship.


PlayStation 17 July 2013


This week saw a slightly different perspective when the event type was changed and Richard Burns Rally was chosen as the competition.

I think it was fair to say that almost all competitors struggled with the game, some even deciding it was just unmanageable and plumping for a DNF rather than torture themselves any further.

Once all the results were in, it was pretty unanimous that RBR wasn't a welcome addition to the Club's PlayStation Championship, however it did throw up some surprising results.

1st 4.15.12 Karl
2nd 5.14.01 Phil
3rd 5.23.72 Alastair
4th 5.43.55 Tosh
5th 5.53.72 Brian
6th 5.56.19 TeeCee
7th 6.23.70 Jack
8th 7.33.91 Gary
9th 9.17.72 Mark
10th DNF Andrew
10th DNF Connor

Looking at the times it is quite apparent that on this occasion Karl was streets ahead of the competition, and so it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his level of performance next time on Tarmac!

Andrew was left feeling very frustrated with his performance on the night, especially having just returned from a highly enjoyable trip to Canada where his skills were much more in evidence....

Next round: August....

PlayStation 26 June 2013

It's not just in the Forests and Lanes that the competition is fierce as was apparent one again at the PlayStation night, when a dozen competitors took part in the June competition to see just who was fastest overall.
This time the action took place at the Seattle Street Circuit, and the car to be seen in this week was a Dodge Challenger - no ABS, plenty of power and very little grip!

Although most people started off quite slowly, things soon started hotting up when it became clear there were only split seconds separating the final positions! Results are shown below:

1st 1:53:301 Brian
2nd 1:54:688 Jack
3rd 1:54:767 Big Kev
4th 1:55:790 Gary
5th 1:56:495 Karl
6th 1:58:016 Andrew
7th 1:59:596 Alastair
8th 2:01:613 Tosh
9th 2:03:055 Adam
10th 2:03:200 Phil
11th 2:10:097 TeeCee
12th 2:16:568 Peter

Times were all pretty close in the end, and so it just goes to show that there is nothing as enjoyable as a healthy dose of competition!

Telephone Rally Round 1 - 24 April 2013

April 24th saw the very welcome return of the WDMC Telephone Rally after a very long absence. To say it brought back memories of the old days was a bit of an understatement and it was fantastic to see so many crews taking part, and especially hear the buzz of enthusiastic competitors as the 'navigators' tried their best to describe the route in exact detail to their respective 'drivers' in the shortest possible time.

There certainly was a palpable buzz in the air, and the old competitive spirit rose again with both young and old vying to be the best on the night.

Eight crews took part in what was the first Telephone Rally for many years, and Tee Cee put on a brilliant route reminiscent of the old rallying days with a full map test, with great long sections and no fiddly junctions to catch you out, just a simple, traditional full blown speed event in the comfort of the Club.

Thanks must go to all crews who took part, there was a very high standard of competition and a bit of a surprise at just how quick some of the crews were, and it all bodes well for the next round when no doubt there will be some added incentive for the leading positions!

Positions 6, 7 and 8 were decided on a Furthest Cleanest basis - the crew that went the furthest without a mistake taking precedence over the next crew.

Results are as follows:
1: 10.53 Brian and Tosh
2: 12.46 Andrew and Dan
3: 13.25 Peter and Guy
4: 13.40 Mark and TeeCee
5: 16.15 Ronnie and Ants
6: 15.00 Gary and Phil
7: 15.00 Ollie and Karl
8: 15.00 Alastair and Karl

Guy Wickham's Picture Quiz

Here are the results of Guy's excellent full colour picture quiz which tested not only the members' observation skills but also their memories.

1st 30pts Peter Metcalfe
2nd 28pts Mac Cliff
3rd 22.75pts Tosh and Brian
4th 20 pts Steve Nesworthy/Karl Knox
5th 19.25pts TC 19.25
6th 18.5pts Rest of the Knoxes
7th 17.5pts Paul Hughes
8th 14.5pts Ronnie Roughead
9th 12pts Mark Jose/Paul Anderson
10th 12pts Andrew Roughead/Kev Cousins

The event was well received and certainly had a few people scratching their heads, and brought a first class result for Peter Metcalfe with his first place overall, with Mac Cliff hot on his heels for second place. An almost unheard of third place for Tosh and Brian, and Karl showed just who the intelligent member of the Knox family is with a creditable fourth. A degree of hilarity followed the introduction of quarter points, however the standard rules applied: the organisers decision is final!

Many thanks to Guy for putting the event on.

PlayStation 10 April 2013

Another excellent turnout and now the competition is starting to heat up!
Andrew and Dan were at each others times like a hammer and tongs, although their rivalry was to be ultimately overshadowed by the later competitors.

The three lap format is working quite well now, and most of those taking part found it very useful in helping them post at least one decent lap time.

1st 1:58:535 Brian
2nd 1:59:829 Gary
3rd 2:00:151 Big Kev
4th 2:00:268 Phil
5th 2:01:204 Dan
6th 2:01:332 Andrew
7th 2:02:478 Tosh
8th 2:02:542 Karl
9th 2:05:188 TeeCee
10th 2:15:070 Alastair
11th 2:17:462 Mark

Many thanks to all those who took part, especially the ones who gave it their all in the pursuit of victory!

PlayStation 13 March 2013

There was an excellent turnout once again for the latest round of PlayStation, and the expectation this time was all on Dan May who absolutely torched the opposition last time out by a three second margin.

1st 2.21.17 Brian
2nd 2.21.20 Dan
3rd 2.22.56 Karl
4th 2.23.54 Gary
5th 2.23.90 Andrew
6th 2.24.66 Alastair
7th 2.24.54 Kev
8th 2.24.65 TeeCee
9th 2.24.93 Mark Jose
10th 2.25.11 Tosh
11th 2.27.01 Phil
12th 2.31.22 Paul Anderson

Looks like Dan must have been spending more time on his studies over the past month and less time practising his driving skills, but he could at least smile as he beat rival Andrew by a healthy margin.

Thanks to all who took part, in particular Paul Anderson who spent quite a bit of his time trying to work out exactly which buttons did what.....

Guy Wickham's Navigational Event - 20 February

Five crews started the latest WDMC navigational event. This format this time was designed to act as a stepping stone from the table top type events up to 12 Cars and road rallies and saw crews doing a number of timed plotting exercises in their cars, followed by driving the route they had plotted to pick up codeboards to show they had gone the correct way. Each plotting exercise had a time allowance and crews were penalised if they took longer than this allowance.

The first plotting took place in the Kibbie Club car park and included some blackspots (only 1 of which would actually be relevant to the route – the rest were just to consume plotting time, although the crews weren’t aware of this at the time!) followed by a series of tulips taking crews from Kibbie via Beamish and Stanley to the first control in the Tanfield Industrial estate. Andrew and Kev scored best here picking up 112 penalties.

The second section used a series of spot heights and a couple of specific instructions for triangles to bring crews back to the Kibbie Club. All bar TC and Barry managed the plotting within the 3 minutes allowed - they dropped 36 seconds.

The final section was a loop from the club down to Lady Park and back to the club. Once plotted, the route could have been driven in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction but a simple statement in the instructions to not use any roads north of the A1 defined anti-clockwise as the correct route. Andrew/Kev and Gary/Phil (with Karl in the back writing down codeboards) cleaned this section but others dropped time working out the correct direction. In the end there was a flaw in my format in that it was possible for the route to be driven in both directions without any penalty for going the wrong way; with hindsight I should have placed some dummy codeboards on the wrong route.

With all crews back at the club, results were finalised. Everyone picked up all the codeboards so the time dropped in plotting counted. Andrew and Kev took a clear win but 2nd to 4th were separated by only 23 seconds of penalties. Special note should go to the youngest competitor, Archie Wakefield, who plotted the route correctly with the minimum of assistance from his dad and could be a new star navigator in the making and also thanks to Mike Rowe for running the control at Tanfield.

Colin Fish 20 Sept

1st Andrew/Kev - 112 seconds
2nd Gary/Phil/Karl - 317 seconds
3rd Barry/TC - 322 seconds
4th Steve/Peter - 340 seconds
5th Ants/Archie - 750 seconds

Guy Wickham

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