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WDMC Autosolo - too enjoyable to be legal!

Whickham and District Motor Club's June Autosolo event was a brilliant day out that caused so many people to smile all day it just had to be worth doing.


AutoSolos, to use the MSA's official term, are a relatively new form of low cost, non specialist motor sport for the UK, using roadgoing cars, and equally enjoyable for both novices and experienced competitors.


WDMC's Autosolo at the Metro Centre was a fabulous event that brought more smiles and fun to everyone than we'd seen in absolutely ages.


To say that some people were putting heart and soul into it would be an understatement - there was more tyre smoke from some competitors than you would have seen on Bonfire Night!

Autosolo BMW 2

It was also really nice to see such a family day out - Dads and Sons sharing the same car and competing against each other - and on the day the sons were generally getting the upper hand.


It was especially good to see how so many people brought their children down and they all joined in the fun and everybody seemed to have an excellent day.


There were all sorts from people doing their very first competitive event to those that had been around and done all sorts for a very long time

Autosolo Smile 7

You only have to look at the faces of the competitors to know that the event was a huge success, with everybody declaring they loved it.


Even the officials were smiling all day, and there aren't that many events where you can say that!

Autosolo Smile 9

Everybody threw themselves into assisting to Marshal and help out on the day, and that made the whole event feel like it was a fabulous day amongst friends, rather than something that was ultra-competitive.

Autosolo Smile 8


So much fun...

An AutoSolo has a series of timed, all-forwards courses, on hard surfaces. The course is generally marked out with traffic cones, and each one has a number on it to help you find your way - and believe me, sometimes you really need those numbers!

Autosolo Bob 1

The routes are made as clear as possible, so you can concentrate on achieving your best time, rather than on remembering the way.

Autosolo Bong 1

It was a great opportunity to bring out some of the lesser-spotted machinery, and for some owners, a chance to display some cars that were appearing in public for the first time. On Sunday there was a Fiat X1/9, a Washington Clan and a Sylva Fury all blinking in the sunlight.

Autosolo Clan 1

Competing cars must be taxed and insured and have an MOT certificate if their age requires, and be driven to the event. At many events these days, the competitors arrive on trailers with huge support trucks. An Autosolo isn't meant to be like that, it's the sort of event where you literally turn up and take part.

Autosolo Dan 1

The variety of cars on show was excellent, with everything from the very basic to top of the range models having a go. Don't think just because somebody turned up in a shopping car that they would be a pushover - you just wouldn't believe the grit that some drivers had for beating the next man!

Autosolo Jimmy 2

An AutoSolo's not just a test of driving skill, but also a test of memory as you had to memorise your way round a tricky to remember course - and all against the clock!

Autosolo Cinq 2

Helmets and overalls aren't needed, and most AutoSolos run under Clubsport permits, in which case you won't need a competition licence, just your membership card of the organising club, or one of the invited clubs. And we were very pleased that some of our local Motor Clubs came and took part in the event, because we'd certainly like to join them if they put an AutoSolo on in the future.

Autosolo MK1 Escort

It was particularly nice to see some first time entrants that had never done an event before - especially when they turned up and competed in such sublime machinery. Dan May's MK2 Escort is an absolute beauty to behold, and there were many people on the day just wandering round, looking at the variety of cars on display and thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere.

Autosolo Dan 1

The idea of an AutoSolo is that the event is non-damaging, but, as you can obviously imagine, there will always be those competitors for whom the win is just so much more important than the taking part...

Autosolo BMW 1

In fact, the requirements are just so relaxed at an AutoSolo, it really couldn't be easier to enter one of these events......

Autosolo MK2

In summary, the whole day was one of the most enjoyable, fun days out that we've had in years, and a huge vote of thanks must go to Peter Grant, who has been trying to get one of these days organised for absolutely ages, and telling everybody just how much fun they are, and when it came down to the actual day, we couldn't believe how right he was.
In fact, it was even better than he'd said it would be, and we all can't wait until the next one!

If you'd like to get a flavour of an AutoSolo, then have a look at these YouTube links:

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