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Tabletop Rallies

What are Tabletop Rallies? Well, the best way to describe a Tabletop rally is to say it's a great way to learn how to work out the cunning, devious and downright clever ways that organisers can try to confuse a navigator when he's trying to work out the correct route and all you have is a piece of paper with cryptic notes all over it!

I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it would be, if you were at the start of a rally, and you had the car, the driver, the map and the enthusiasm, no idea where you should be going, the start marshall counts you down and as he says 'GO!' he hands you a piece of paper like the one below:

SW 85 18 96 95 285 17 94 T 16 15

Now, that doesn't make much sense to the unititiated, but if you look at the map that we've shown, you might see some corresponding numbers. What the organisers have done, is to give you clues to help you find the right route.

Tabletop Plain 1


Numbers, lines, dots and dashes....

Now, when you look at the letters and numbers on the clue sheet, it might not make much sense initially. But if you look carefully, you might see that some of the numbers are the same as grid lines, or maybe spot heights.

Tabletop Map 1 route

This is the theory behind Tabletop Rallies - to make you think and hone your skills before ever venturing out on the public road. And believe me - the skills you'll learn doing Tabletop Rallies will stand you in good stead for many many years to come!

SW 85 18 96 95 285 17 94 T 16 15

You can see that in the example above, the numbers refer to:
Direction (SW), Spot height (85), grid 18, grid 96, grid 95, Spot height 285, grid 17, grid 94, Junction (T), grid 16, Spot height 15. They could refer to absolutely anything that's on the map, but they don't - and that is where the difference lies between the experienced and the novices!

Next - herringbones and tulips....

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