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Thursday night events

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A Thursday evening at WDMC isn't just about meeting up for a drink and a chat - or a 'Noggin and Natter', we try to have something happening at the Club each time we meet. That could be anything from watching DVDs of Motorsport, a Quiz, 'First On Scene' (First Aid) training, Motorabilia Auctions, Scalextric, Tabletop Rallies, Telephone Rallies, Navigational Events, PlayStation nights, foot rallies, toy car racing, sometimes just a drink and a chat, or anything else we feel can add a bit of light interest to the evening. There's always somebody that will talk to you and we're always looking for new people to join in and share the enjoyment of cars and Motorsport with us. Please do come along and join us, we'll certainly do everything we can to make you feel welcome.

Other things we do..

And it's not only the Thursday nights that make Whickham and District Motor Club what it is - there are a huge number of other events that we do that show that WDMC is one of the most active Motor Clubs in the North East. Whether it's Rallying or Autotests, members of WDMC will be out and about doing their best to promote the spirit of Motorsport in the area no matter what.

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Over the past year we've had an Autosolo that offered the average member of the public the chance to bring their 'shopping car' and compete with the best of the North East in a test of speed and agility to drive round a series of cones in the best time possible.

Whilst it's easy to think you'd stand no chance against the 'Professionals' it's quite surprising how often we've found that rare gem of a driver who never knew they had the ability to beat the best. And did.



Come along and join us

When we start meeting again why don't you come along to one of the Club nights, or email one of our Committee members and find out what we do, and how you can become involved in North East Motorsport. It's only a small step from thinking about it, to actually taking part. And as you can see, it doesn't need to cost the earth.

Coming up....


21 July - Indoor TARGA Rally - Superstars Championship

28 July - Beginners TableTop - Maps Championship

4 August - Feel It Night - Superstars Championship

11 August - Scrutineering Talk

18 August - Noggin 'n Natter

25 August - Quiz - Superstars Championship

1 September - Pit Stop Challenge - Superstars Championship

8 September - Reaction Test - Superstars Championship

15 September - Kinetic Car Race - Superstars Championship

22 September - Cheviot Rally Marshals Night

29 September - Cheviot Rally Catch-up, Noggin 'n Natter

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