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Whickham and District Motor Club Limited

Active? I'll say!

Whickham and District Motor Club are arguably the most active Motor Club in the North-East of England.
We have an amazing number of members who compete regularly and very often bring home the spoils of their labours.

ToH 2010 KG

From Autotests to Production Car Trials, Circuit Racing to Trail Riding, Sporting Trials to International Rallying, you'll very often find somebody from Whickham and District Motor Club competing against the very best there is - and often giving them a run for their money!

JM Phil and Jo


The best thing about all of this is - everyone is always very approachable - whether you're a fan of many years standing or somebody coming to watch for the very first time, you'll always find somebody you can talk to, and everyone is very friendly.

TC JF Nova

After all, when you're throwing your pride and joy sideways at trees at around 100mph, you have to be just that little bit mad....

ToH MGPH sideways

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