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The Cheers! pages are all about nice things that happen. It doesn't matter whether it's about a great story in the news, a brilliant act that somebody does, a fantastic ability that makes you wonder how people do that, or just a heartwarming story that restores your faith in human nature.

Wagon Drift

They're also about the wee snippets that you hear that make you smile, or laugh, or cheer. Especially the ones where the underdog, or the oppressed minority, takes a bite out of authority, or the System.


The best ever Pre-Race prayer



Drilling Steel in Slow Motion...

Currie snapping at Tilke's heels...

Courtesy of Motorsport News

Newcastle Walls Circuit

Ollie Currie has been causing a bit of a stir in motorsport circles with a recent article in Motorsport News showcasing his innovative design for a race circuit in Newcastle upon Tyne, as part of the RIBA's "Forgotten Spaces" competition.

Ollie, an Architectural Assistant at Alston Murphy Associates, recently reached the final of the competition with his design for a race circuit through the streets of Newcastle, using inspiration from the old town walls - once an essential part of the city's defences.

The article was penned by Editor James Attwood, and shows just what can be achieved with a little imagination and a lot of passion, and the full article in pdf format can be read by clicking the link below.

Click here to download Newcastle Walls Circuit

Don't laugh, this is serious.

It's interesting that there are quite a few people who think that a Playstation driving game is somehow 'not right'.

Their thinking is that racing cars in a computer game is somehow not real, and that you should 'get a life', or 'get in the garage and build yourself a real car'.

I personally think that's a real shame, because not each and every one of us can afford to buy that car, build it, put the money up front and compete with all the guys that really do have the money.

For me, it's a little way of competing against my friends, against the computer, against the best there is in the world, and trying to win that race - despite it being a virtual race with a virtual car - it means I can compete.

And it's true to say that competition is the thing that makes us humans a race apart - we need that buzz and we need that competitive streak - and it doesn't matter to me if we do it in the real world or in the virtual world - the key thing here is that we are competing against each other, and a win on the Playstation is as important to the driver as a win on the Circuit or the Stage.

Don't belittle the Playstation driver. He's trying just as hard as you are, doing his best to beat the competition, trying to win at all costs.

The only difference is that when he crashes, it costs him his pride and a little bit of time, not hundreds of pounds in bodywork repairs.

Give him a break. At least he's driving his heart out, and not flogging smack to kids on a street corner

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