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Colin's testing trip - 12th May 2022

Back on the road - at last!

It hardly seems credible but it has been something like two and a half years since a WDMC member put on a Navigationl event, but all that was to end on the night of the 2th May 2022 when long time member Colin Fish sat down at 7:30pm to welcome interested crews that wished to take part in this very welcome return to one of our most pleasurable activities -actual driving.

For those without the appropriate OS map, Colin helpfully provided printed handouts of the area the route would cover, together with his usual very detailed instructions for crews to plot - this section being timed to provide a tie-break, should one be required at the end of the event .

As might be expected, plotting was very detailed, with references being given very specifically -in many cases to 1/4 tenths, leaving crews to plot the route and mark the locations of the numerous questions along the way; all questions referred to fixed items along the route, such as road signs, hydrants, business names etc plus a scattering of code boards to spot whilst driving. The weather was kind as it had been a dry day so although there were a couple of non-tarmac sections there were no muddy tracks or deep puddles to concern crews, although Colin had managed once again to find enough obscure and difficult to find roads to make the route interesting for both driver and navigator

with almost half a dozen crews settinbg off from KIbblesworth Club there was always the possibility that crews would see each other I>en route and so it proved when Tosh and BRIAN RELISED THEY HAD phil and Guy right behind them on one previously unknown 'loop'OFF Swallwell Bank although fortunately for Phil and Guythey didn't follow the Townsends as they continued to search for more obscure locations.

whilst many of the competitors would later agree the event was 'challenging', for Tosh it would prove to be much more difficult, as he found himself struggling desperately to follow the route on the map, most probably due to his recent hospitalisation. for him this was perhaps just a step too far in his recovery and he later admnitted to becoming hopelessly lost on more than one occasion. Not something you would normally expect to hear from himFull marks to driver Brian for occasionallytaking the map from his father and working out where they were before continuing on their way.

meeting back at the club aftwrwards it was obvious how disappointed Tosh and Brian were with their performance on the night, purely down to Tosh's inability to navigate to his usual high standard. however despite their problems on the night they had collected a number of the answers, hopefully correctly, although they had taken so long they had missed last orders and had to head off home immediately; Not their best evening, it must be said. If anyone needed a stiff drink at the end of the night, it was most probably Brian.

Many thanks must, however, go to Colin for putting on the event; as we all know, the organisation and checking of any Navigational event is a huge undertaking and involves many hours of hard work, without which we would have no events to take place on, so our thanks are certainly in order for all the effort that he has put into it; Full results will follow as they become available. Points in the Sporting challenge to all members who took part and hopefully all crews had enough enjoyment from the evening to encourage them all to come out again for the next one!

Kinetic Car Race - 16th December 2021

2021 Tyres2U

Tyres2U to the rescue!

The 2022 Superstars Championship got off to a flying start on Thursday the 16th December with a slight twist to the ever popular Kinetic Car Race. This time we didn't have the normal 'highest score wins' where the aim was to amass the top score by landing on as many high scoring sheets of paper as possible, but instead to try and get the beautifully signwritten mobile tyre service van as close to the stricken Porsche 959 Turbo as possible.

It was nice to be holding the event at Kibblesworth Workmens Club as we could use the long tables once again to set out our challenge, and it all felt wonderfully familiar to be gathered around as each member of the club took their turn to show their driving skills.

And skill was very much an important factor too, as there were strict rules about what was expected of the driver of the 'Tyres2U' model van that was kindly donated by Peter Kerr: the aim of the task was to get the van as close as possible to the broken down Porsche, without crashing into it or driving the van off the edge of the table; evidence of both were to be seen during the evening and would earn a fail for each offence! To be fair, the van did pull to the right, so there was an extra frisson of excitement each time a new member took the controls.

Everyone had five attempts at doing so, and each competitor was given a practice run, after which they could decide whether to accept that practice run as their first attempt, or discard it and go for gold. It was interesting to see how each person approached the task, some were very cautious, others more determined, whilst there were those who used the most methodical of approaches, thinking line, length and power. Some preferred to sit down and get a drivers' viewpoint, others stood to get a better overall view. Some gave it an incredible amount of thought, others just went for broke.

After everyone had taken their turn, the results were to prove that the cleanest drivers would triumph over raw speed:

1 Tosh 84.5cm
2 Ronnie
3 Brian
4 Peter
121.5cm 1F
5 Alastair
157cm 1F
6 Gordon
71.5cm 2F
7 Ken
76cm 2F
8 David
78.5cm 2F
9 Jimmy
132cm 2F

A great win for Tosh, whose methodical approach of pulling the van back a set length for his first run was to prove very fortunate, as the van stopped almost perfectly alongside the car. That meant he only had to repeat that four more times and hope not to crash into the Porsche and suffer a fail. The words 'Jammy Bugger' may well have been heard, although Tosh . A brilliant second place for Ronnie, who had a great competition on the night, with superb and consistent van placement right up to his final run but still managed to pip Brian into third place by the merest of margins: 20mm over five runs! If there had been a point for closest to the Porsche then it would have undoubtedly gone to the driver that rocketed past the stricken 959 with just the width of a hair between them, causing an intake of breath amongst the crowd that was probably heard in the public bar!

Points in the Superstars Championship to all current members who took part, this result putting Tosh at the top of the table for the Christmas holidays with Ronnie at his heels. Many thanks to Brian and Tosh for putting the event on, it was really nice to see everyone getting involved again in the Club night events and everyone is looking forward to our calendar being much more active once again now we are meeting on a more regular basis.

Next event should be the Pit Stop / Wheel Change Competition on the 6th January - always very popular, always very competitive. Can the one minute barrier be broken in competition? We look forward to seeing you there to try...

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