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What better way to spend your time...

It's fair to say that there are few more pleasurable things that a normal person could do than spend the day with cars in one form or another. Whether it's watching them, going round friend's garages and poking at them, watching video or films of them, listening to them, mending them or just being near them, it's an unadulterated pleasure for many of us.

And it's not just the exotic and the rare. There are plenty of pleasant experiences to be had from all walks of motoring life, whether it be Formula 1, Rallying, Custom cars, Playstation, Karting, Track Days, Car meets, Historic Racing, Nostalgic Motoring Events, Trax or Scalextric. There really is something for everyone. It doesn't matter if your motorsport fix comes from the television or the forests, the circuit or the computer, there's just something about the competitive combination of man and car that drives us all.

For many, the only real enjoyment is the spectacle of Motorsport. To see the true artists and the way they make cars dance and flow, threading them through the narrowest of forests or streets, hitting apexes time after time with a precision that defies logic. It's the ability to snatch that split-second that makes all the difference between first and second, the difference between the best and the rest, they're the drivers with the skills to take your breath away.

But although most forms of motorsport rely on the individual driving, for Rallying it's as much about the partnership as anything else. The pairing of a great driver and navigator is one of the most satisfying combinations in motorsport, and the trust that's built between them is something rarely found elsewhere.


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