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Formula 1 shoots itself in the foot again

Somebody, somewhere, needs a good kick up the backside for the shambles that ensued after the very ill-conceived idea of the 'elimination-type' qualifying session that was introduced for the 2016 season.

It still isn't completely apparent exactly who either suggested, voted for or introduced the new system, but it is very clear it was a mistake. Thankfully, it has been scrapped after only one session, and qualifying will now return to the system used in 2015.

The opening race in Australia, however, still angered me greatly (and, I suspect, many other fans) at one critical point by allowing the teams to change tyres during a 'Red Flag' stoppage. To allow this is to fly in the face of fairness and equity: it should always be that if a race is stopped for any reason, the cars MUST restart on the same tyres they were using when the race was stopped, unless they have a safety reason for doing so.

I'm still angry about Monaco 2013, and now Melbourne 2016 is added to the list....

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