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Rally School - but not as we know it!


Geoff and Pete Gibson recently took both cars and the van (and the dog)down to Ebchester Infant and Junior school to introduce rallying as a sport to the 9 and 10 year olds. They had been primed with some copies of Motorsport news and photos of the cars in action and we had the use of the playground for an hour. Peter was fully dressed to look the part, the cars were as they finished the Jim Clark. Sue and Claire helped with the logistics of strapping them all in the cars and answering their hundreds of questions.


Having made the introductions we explained how the sport is operated, what the driver and co driver do and compared the rally cars to a road car we had taken along. They were very impressed with the cage in the Evo and the lamp pod. Some of the children both boys and girls were quite well informed about racing but a bit hazy on rallying. They all liked the jackie boy.



All 18 children got to sit in at least one car with the helmets or practice sets on and used the Peltor. Most also found the horn, some the wipers. Engines were revved, anti lag systems operated and very little work was done in the rest of the school. A sharp shower did not decrease the enthusiasm of the youngsters but we retreated to the classroom for a de brief. Costs, speeds and accidents were popular subjects but they knew about sponsors, tyres and fuel consumption.


We finished off with the showing of Peter and Adam in action at MIRA last year in the Evo and the Nova on Otterburn and gave all the youngsters a gibsonmotorsport sticker. Couldnt resist a couple of doughnuts on the way out, the Evo looked and sounded the business.

Geoff Gibson

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