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The Shaw Trophy Classic Rally - Oct 7th 2012

On behalf of Whickham and District Motor Club I would like to welcome you to the 3rd running of the Shaw Trophy Rally as a classic car event. This year's event sees a number of changes to reflect current developments in classic rallying and to produce an event that will appeal to as many competitors as possible. We have also moved the event away from what was a congested early summer calendar.

Touring Cortina

We will again run 2 events this year. "The Shaw" has been recognised since its earliest days as a test of driver and navigator and so The Shaw Trophy Classic Rally will continue to run as a Historic Road Rally. It will be open to cars registered prior to 31st December 1981 and will run under a MSA Clubman"s permit. It will follow the format of special driving tests linked by public road sections, with some short regularity sections to keep the navigators on their toes. To enter the Shaw Trophy Classic Rally you must hold a MSA UK Competition Licence of a minimum of Clubman status and be a member of one of the invited clubs.

We also recognise that some historic car owners prefer the format of a tests only event or may find that their car is not eligible for the Shaw Trophy Classic Rally. We also want to make the event accessible to owners of more modern cars and are therefore also running the Whickham & DMC Sporting Tests. This will run as a Clubsport permit multi venue Production Car Autotest. No competition licence will be required for this event and cars with hydraulic handbrakes will be welcome.


Touring TR

Again we will use the superb facilities offered by the High House Farm Brewery near Matfen as our start and finish venue and we plan to offer at least a dozen tests linked by a road route of approximately 100 miles. We are dropping some of the shorter tests from last year and hope to include some challenging new tests.

Touring Clan

Finally we are once again indebted to Tony Thompson for his continued support of the event through his family garage, without which it would be difficult to run the rally. Indeed it is through Tony's generosity that we have been able to reduce the entry fee by £10 from last year's event.

We look forward to seeing both previous and new competitors in October for a tour round the scenic roads of mid Northumberland.

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