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2022 Stage Rally Championship Regulations

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1. The Championship is open to all fully elected members of Whickham & District Motor Club. Registration is not required.

2. Subject to confirmation by the Committee, the Championship for the 2022 season will be composed of a maximum of 8 rounds of ‘Flexi’ events to reward members competing on special stage events. There will be no ‘Fixed’ rounds.

3. Where Whickham & DMC are specifically invited to an event, either as a named club or through an Association, members must show WDMC (or an acceptable variation of) as their club on the entry list to score points. Where members are not specifically invited to an event and have to join the organising club or a member club of an invited Association to be able to enter, WDMC members will be able to claim points for that event, subject to them being a fully paid up member of WDMC at the time of the start of the event.

4. Points will be awarded to competitors based on their finishing position relative to other Whickham & DMC competitors. For events taking place between 1st December 2021 and 30th November 2022, points will be awarded as follows;

a. 1 point for starting an event
b. 5 points for finishing plus 1 point for every WDMC member beaten in the overall classification and 1 point for every WDMC member beaten in the class classification.

e.g. A member finishes highest of 3 WDMC members completing an event and one of the other 2 members is in the same class. Their points scored will be 1 for starting, 5 for finishing, 2 for overall classification and 1 for class classification; total 9 points.

5. A competitor will count their best 8 scores from the events they have taken part in. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, positions will be decided in favour of the competitor scoring the most points on the first event they took part in. If a tie still remains, the points scored on each competitor’s second event will be considered and repeated for the third event etc. if required until the tie is resolved . Points can be claimed for events taking place between 1st December 2021 and 30th November 2022, to allow the final positions to be determined and awards prepared before the awards presentation in December 2022.

6. Awards will be presented at the end of the year to the highest placed and runner up driver and co-driver. In addition, awards will be made to the highest placed eligible Junior driver and co-driver in the overall points classification.

7. The Championship Co-ordinator is Tosh Townsend
t: 078 093 68582
e: championship@wdmc.org.uk

8. Members must advise the co-ordinator where they have competed on an event and provide a copy of the event entry list and results or an electronic link to the same, within one calendar month of the event taking place. The onus is at all times on the competitor to provide these details; points will then be awarded by the co-ordinator. Points will not be awarded retrospectively; i.e. a competitor may not claim any points for an event that has taken place before they paid their membership fee for the current membership period. The co-ordinator may at times be advised of relevant results from ‘flexi’ events by other means, but the onus at all times is on members to report any errors or omissions to the co-ordinator within one month of the event results being declared final and no later than 30th November 2022. Current positions will be available at any club night, and displayed regularly on the club website and in Pacenotes.


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