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Stage Rally Championship Regulations

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1. The Championship is open to all fully elected members of Whickham and District Motor Club. Registration is not required.

2. The Championship will comprise 2 elements:
1. A fixed calendar covering 10 qualifying rounds selected from special stage rallies in the North of England and Scottish Borders;
2. 'flexi' events to reward members competing on special stage events outside the fixed calendar. The fixed qualifying rounds are:

No. - Event - Date - Location - Surface

1. Jack Frost Stages - Jan - Croft - Tarmac
2. Riponian Rally - Feb - North Yorks - Gravel
3. Border Counties Rally - March - Scottish Borders - Gravel
4. DCC Stages - April - Scotland - Tarmac
5. NHMC Warcop Stages - April - Warcop - Tarmac
6. Carlisle Stages - June - Kershope - Gravel
7. Tyneside Stages - August - Otterburn - Tarmac
8. Pendragon Stages - Aug - Warcop - Tarmac
9. Trackrod Rally * - Sept - North Yorks - Gravel
10. Cheviot Keith Knox Rally - Nov - Otterburn - Tarmac

*Results from the Trackrod Rally will be considered by comparing stage times from common stages contested by all WDMC members on the individual events that make up the event (BTRDA and Historic).

3. Competitors must enter each event under Whickham and DMC to be eligible for championship points and to affect the awarding of points.

4. Points will be awarded to competitors in the fixed calendar based on their finishing position relative to other Whickham and DMC competitors. The highest placed WDMC competitor in the event's overall classification will score 12 points, the 2nd placed WDMC competitor 10 points, 3rd 8 points, 4th 6 points, 5th 5 points down to 1 point for the 9th placed and below. In addition all WDMC competitors will be awarded 1 point for starting a qualifying event.

5. For 'flexi' events taking place between 1st January and 3rd December, points will be awarded as follows;

a. 1 point for starting an event
b. 5 points for finishing plus 1 point for every WDMC member beaten in the overall classification and 1 point for every WDMC member beaten in the class classification.
eg. A member finishes highest of 3 WDMC members completing an event and one of the other 2 members is in the same class. Their points scored will be 1 for starting, 5 for finishing, 2 for overall classification and 1 for class classification; total 9 points.

6. A competitor will count their best 5 scores from the 10 fixed qualifying events and their best 3 scores from 'flexi' events. If fewer than 10 fixed events are held, competitors will still count their best 5 scores unless fewer than 8 fixed events are held, in which case competitors will count one fewer number of scores than events held; eg 7 events held, best 4 scores count. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, positions will be decided in favour of the competitor with the most maximum scores on the fixed events, then most 2nd places etc. Points for 'flexi' events can be claimed for events taking place between 1st January and 3rd December, to allow the final positions to be determined and awards prepared before the awards presentation in December 2017.


7. In the event of one or more of the fixed qualifying events being cancelled, alternative suitable events may be substituted by the co-ordinator, subject to the substitution being made at least one month before the alternative event takes place.

8. Awards will be presented at the end of the year to the highest placed and runner up driver and co- driver. In addition, awards will be made to the highest placed eligible Junior driver and co-driver in the overall points classification.

9. The Championship Co-ordinator is Gary Laverick:
t: 07902 343537
e: championship@wdmc.org.uk

10. Points will be awarded by the co-ordinator after each fixed event and members must advise the co- ordinator where they have competed on a 'flexi' event and provide a copy of the event entry list and results or an electronic link to the same. The onus is at all times on the competitor to provide these details. The co-ordinator may at times obtain results from 'flexi' events through his own means, but the onus at all times is on members to report any errors or omissions to the co-ordinator within 3 months of the event and no later than 3rd December 2017. Current positions will be displayed regularly at club nights, on the club website and in Pacenotes.


The Junior category is open to all fully paid WDMC members who are aged 29 or under on the 1st January 2017. Eligible members must inform the Championship Co-ordinator before contesting their first event.

At the end of the 2017 competition year, the highest placed Junior driver and co-driver in the overall points classification will each be presented with an award and a £100.00 bonus.

The £100.00 bonus will take the form of a credit that the winner can use against placing entries for events organised or co-promoted by WDMC in 2017. These will include any events where a MSA Permit or Certificate of Exemption is issued.

The credit will be administered by the WDMC Treasurer and the onus is on the award winner to inform the Treasurer when all or part of the credit is being expended so the balance can be adjusted.

The credit must be fully expended in 2018 and cannot be carried forward into the following year. Any unexpended credit will revert back to the club at the end of 2018.

An interval of 12 months will pass before a Junior award winner can be considered for a further Junior award, ie the 2017 winner could not win a further Junior award any earlier than 2019.

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