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2017 Lake District Classic Rally - Cracking Result!

2017 Lake District Classic Rally

Peter and Guy recently took part in the 2017 Lake District Classic Rally and had an absolutely fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and to top it all they brought home yet another brilliant result for themselves and Whickham and District Motor Club!

Read Guy's report on the event and see for yourselves just how much fun they had on the day; it certainly shows that with the right approach and not getting stressed you can enjoy your motorsport and do well at the same time!

Food for Thought:
Hexham and DMC's Interclub Quiz and Curry night
3 May 2017

Wednesday May 3rd saw a very different type of meeting for the members of Whickham and District Motor Club that decided to venture forth to New Ridley and take part in Hexham and District Motor Club’s excellent Interclub Quiz and Curry night at their regular meeting place: The Dr. Syntax.

The invitation had been extended to a number of local Motor Clubs and representatives wre present from Whickham, Durham, Alnwick and Tynemouth to name but a few, and as could have been expected, competition was fierce. Teams of three was the order of the day and so Whickham fielded three teams: Mac Cliff, Guy Wickham and Gordon Bradford as Whickham A; Peter Metcalfe, Gordon and Ollie Currie as Whickham C, and Tosh, Brian and Gary as the best of the rest (or more accurately - the rest)- Team Mad B’Stards.

Questions were divided into ten categories ranging from BRC Champions, BRC Drivers and Co-Drivers, Sponsors, Rally locations, Race Flag signals, Historic Rallying, old car makes and models etc. and certainly had many competitors scratching their heads and muttering under their collective breaths.

From the word ’Go’ it became very apparent that two of the Whickham Teams were going all out for the win, with both of them maintaining the top two spots throughout the competition, never relinquishing the lead and eventually taking both the top two places with a very fine Win and Second Place. The third WDMC team managed to hold their own quite well considering that 67% of the team knew nothing at all about Rallying (which made up 80% of the questions on offer), nevertheless, they came into their own on the Flag Interpretation round, scoring an impressive nine out of ten and being the top scoring team.

Final results on the night saw WDMC taking both First and Second place, an impressive win and showing that we have some real talent in the Club. Our third team may not have been particularly good at the questions but they did wipe the floor when it came to the raffle by taking 25% of the prizes on offer and going home with a ’Very Good Haul’.

Hexham did, however, take top honours in the hospitality stakes with a truly superb curry that really showed everyone how to host a curry night - it was absolutely brilliant, with a huge cauldron of curry that would have put the Witches of Eastwick to shame, an equally impressive sized pot of rice, plus a dozen extra cartons of Mild, Medium and Spicy curries next door together with Pickles, sauces and Naan bread enough to feed a King. Or at least Brian and Gary. Fabulous food, really well provided.

Many thanks must go to both Hexham Motor Club and in particular Ed Graham, who ran the quiz in his own inimitable style, with good humour, in a superb atmosphere, and with a great selection of raffle prizes that went down really well indeed with all present.

A really good night indeed, we were made extremely welcome, everything that was good about an interclub evening all coming together perfectly.

Thanks Hexham!

A Sunbeam Stiletto - or as Ed Graham calls it: A Hillman Stiletto

Sunbeam Stiletto

Border Counties Rally a Huge Success

170324 BCR Hexham Courant

With just 10 Weeks notice, local rally enthusiasts pulled together to put on one of the most celebrated rounds of the British Rally Championships (BRC).

Whickham and District Motor Club (WDMC) and Hawick and Border Car Club jointly hosted the Brick and Steel Border Counties Rally, which was used to kick start the BRC season after a late cancellation.

With a stage in Kielder Forest, the round was labelled a great addition to the championships with runner-up Tom Cave taking to Twitter to say it was the ‘best organised BRC rally I have ever done’.

WDMC chairman Ollie Currie, of Hexham, was delighted with the success of the rally, and is hoping the teams have done enough to secure the BRC next year too.

Some of the wor1d’s best rally drivers descended on the area for the championships, with Sweden’s Fredrick Ahlin teaming up with Norwegian navigator Torstein Eriksen to take the victory after two days of intense competition.

The all-Welsh crew of Cave and James Morgan were long-time leaders in their Ford Fiesta R5 but settled for second spot, ahead of fellow countrymen Osian Pryce and Dale Furniss who took third in a similar machine.

Rally fans don’t have long to wait before the BRC rolls back into Kielder, with the hosting of the International Pirelli Rally on April 29 and 30.

Report courtesy of the Hexham Courant

Whickham and District Motor Clubs Annual General Meeting was held at Kibblesworth Workmens Club on Wednesday the 22nd February 2017.
A summary of the various Officer's reports can be found in our 'Archived' section.

The new for 2017 Car Tax changes - what are the details?

Vehicle Excise Duty car tax squeeze: annual bill jumps £140 for cleanest petrol and diesel cars


Parking Plonker of the month - June 2017

Parking Plonker June 2017

Parking Plonker of the Month for June 2017 goes to the owner of this Red Hyundai - NJ10 LMX - parked at 3:00pm on a Schoolday on the double yellows outside Tanfield Community Primary School and scoring extra tosser points by blocking the view of any staff leaving. A complete moron.

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Limited Edition WDMC Key Rings for sale

WDMC Key Ring

We currently have for sale a small number of Limited Edition WDMC Key rings.

The key ring features the Whickham and District Motor Club logo with an exclusive green band under a hard wearing soft resin dome on a high quality bonded and stitched leather fob with rust proof medallion and 24mm ring.

Key Rings are available for £5 each from Tosh Townsend at any club night or by First Class post at £6 each including postage.

Contact details for Tosh can be found on our Contact us page.

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F1 2013 Malaysia

The Auction Master does it once again.....

Auction Hammer

And it was Peter tonight that had all the answers, especially considering the material he was presented with: a selection of "high quality merchandise", desirable "objets d'art" and "collectables". No matter, as is always the case, Peter stepped up to the mark with both aplomb and gravitas: he made the night his own. Whether it was budging a boatload of beanies, punting a plethora of pens or toting a trainload of tee-shirts, he was very definitely the man of the moment tonight.

There was of course the dreadful spectre of the unexpected gift: whereas in years gone by the unexpected gift was only ever bestowed by the Auction Master, it has over time become the custom for members of the club to buy gifts for each other, often resulting in a bidding war to buy the gift you really don't want in order to donate it to somebody else and avoid the WDMC equivalent of the "walk of shame" by acquiring an item so inappropriate that the recipient is more than grateful they are going home in the dark, avoiding the prying eyes of their neighbours.

Some, of course, have no such reservations, and buy items with gay abandon, acquiring their own small collection and proudly displaying their successfully won items with joy and immense pride. One such man was Ropper, not only fiercely bidding against Darkie but winning almost every hat on offer, to become the Hat Man of 2017 and the undisputed Beanie King. In recognition of his contribution to the cause, everyone in the club subsequently put 50p each into the kitty to see Ropper don all seven hats on his head at the same time. Fabulous - the cat in the Hat wasn't even in it!

Ropper - more hat than hair!


Kev Cousins was also involved in his own bidding war with Andrew Roughead, the two going hammer and tongs at various items of bric a brac with that knowing look between them of just who would end up with the goods: this was an auction like no other, each bidding for an item they didn't want, to give to somebody who didn't want it, who was himself driving up the price to stop you from being successful. It was entertaining, electric, truly magic.

Kev Cousins in love with his Father Christmas biscuit tin


What was also magic was seeing a master in action: Peter Metcalfe, selling unwanted items at inflated prices to disinterested bidders in the most unbelievably successful way. And successful he was in his craft: the total raised at the end of the night was a fantastic £128.35 - which, considering the items on offer, was absolutely superb.

Not all the items on offer were truly awful: there were some good pieces to be had, certainly some proper collectibles amongst the other curios, and it would be fair to say that some people went home with some genuine bargains on the night.

Whichever way you look at it, the true winner on the night, apart from those lucky souls who went home with seven hats or twenty books on cooking, was the Great North Air Ambulance Service who will be receiving the very generous donation of the proceeds of the January Sale.

Thank you everyone who brought items for sale, thank you everyone who bid for them, and a special thank you to all those who put in voluntary donations at the end to boost the overall total; you truly are the most wonderful people.

And as always, we all look forward to the January Sale 2018, and especially to seeing if any of this year's items reappear once again.

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