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Border Counties Rally - a very good view on the postponement of the 2018 event:
Are rally organisers under-appreciated?

2018 BCR Snow

The so-called ‘Beast From The East’ has wreaked havoc in the United Kingdom and beyond. Several rallies up and down the country have been either postponed or outright cancelled.

The NCS Border Counties Rally was definitely the highest profile event to fall in the wake of the savage weather the country has been experiencing.

Read one correspondents interesting and very considered view of the issue below:

Click here to download 2018 Border Counties viewpoint

Interesting Article about Speeding from last year....


This link, although over a year old, reinforces a few points that may or may not be familiar with our members regarding speeding fines and just what it might cost you if you're caught.

January Sale - 31 January 2018

2018 Auction Peter

Unfortunately for Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer of the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army he was never a member of Whickham and District Motor Club. Whilst it’s fair to admit he was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn some 87 years before the Motor Club was actually formed, had he been privy to the description of 'Last' as defined by WDMC Auctioneer Peter Metcalfe during the 2018 January Sale he would no doubt have had a number of further goes at being alive before he finally succumbed to the attack by Crazy Horse on June 26th 1876.

Peter, of course, is well known for being able to sell and thus bid up the price of an item as being ‘the very last one available' before magically producing an identical one only minutes later, however that is all part of the fun of the January Sale and one of the very best ways to start the New Year, and so the word 'Last' has over the years come to mean there is a very real possibility of yet another one being available. Perhaps Lt. Col. Custer was of the same opinion as Peter on that fateful day and really thought that his 'Last Stand' was anything but, confident in the knowledge that he would have another go at those damn Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

However, our initial impression, when arriving at the Club on the last day of January 2018 and surveying the goods on display was, to be brutally honest, one of dismay, as there didn't appear to be an awful lot of 'quality merchandise' as Peter would so eloquently put it during the night, however it is a well-known fact that Peter Metcalfe should never ever be underestimated, as he has shown through years of experience that it truly is possible to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and in his mind, tonight was to be no exception.

Peter started off with a stovepipe hat that he offered to wear on the condition that at least one person put 50p in the pot each half hour; as can be imagined there was of course no shortage of contributors to that particular request, and so he obliged, wearing the hat with enthusiasm and reminding the assembled throng to add to the tally each 30 minutes. Later in the auction he started to auction a purple dressing gown but was offered 50p to wear that to the end of the auction, and true to form, he did so without hesitation.

Peter's enthusiasm for his task and his descriptions of what was on offer were magnificent; his enthusiasm was as infectious this year as at any year in the past. There were the usual double selling techniques: selling bags with single compartments as incredibly useful, having everything in one place, then in the next breath selling bags to go inside for those with no pockets; mugs for sale that we are sure have been sold before; negotiating Euro to Sterling currency offers, giving the occasional gift to a successful bidder who was plainly thrilled to receive it, keeping the excitement alive when the interest dropped off for some items. The man was truly amazing.

There were, as usual, some truly brilliant comments during the auction: when asked if a particular game would be suitable for a Club night, Peter replied "well, it says suitable for ages 8 and up, so probably not". There were one or two good items on offer, the very best being a fantastic 2018 Motorsport Calendar donated by Drew Gibson containing truly amazing photographs by him and raising the highest bid of the night.

It has to be said that the night was as brilliant as ever, the atmosphere superb, the laughter non-stop and the generosity of the club members present unbelievable. The sum total at the end of the night was over £176 which was frankly amazing, considering what was available to buy.

Once again, Peter Metcalfe was truly incredible, wringing the absolute maximum out of everyone present, whilst it must be said that Whickham and District Motor Club really did pull out all the stops tonight to raise a really impressive and very generous amount for the Blood Bikes, a really worthy charity and one that could do with all the help we can give them.

Thank you members of WDMC - you really did us proud tonight.


Memberships are now due

2018 Club Card

Your membership subscriptions are now due for the year 2018/2019 and you can renew online on our Membership Page or check the menu for "Membership" and follow the link.

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Important Information from the Scrutineers

There is an important new Technical Bulleting from the RAC MSA Scrutineers with a lot of very useful information for the 2018 Competitor, especially regarding Roll Cages, FHR and helmet stickers amongst other things. More information on our Competitor Information page below:

Click here to view the 'Competitor Information' page

Parking Plonker of the Month - February 2018

Parking Plonker 1802

What on earth do we have here?

Despite being able to clearly see the white lines painted so very carefully on this tarmac car park, this idiot seems to be completely oblivious to the general principle of parking: that is, to keep within the lines.

This driver is obviously not only incapable of driving a motor vehicle properly but also doesn't understand the basic principles of common courtesy.

A true dope, if ever there was one.

Phil and Gary start the year with a charge!

2018 Jack Frost

Phil Kenny and Gary Laverick have certainly started their competition year with a massive charge and are currently both at the top of the Stage Championship Tables - and setting the stages on fire as well with some impressive times and results.

Read Gary's excellent reports on his first two events in our "Motorsport Events and Fun with Cars" pages by clicking the links below:

Click here to view the '2017 Christmas Stages' page

Click here to view the '2018 Jack Frost Stages' page

Latest MSA Newsletter is here

In this months edition:
• Autosport International
• McNish and Jones recognise Bambinos
• A Thousand try Club Motorsport for the first time
• Vnuk: How does it affect you?
• MSV acquires Donington Park on 21 year lease
• ROPS for Single-Seater Racing Cars
• GO Motorsport at Autosport International

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Marshals required for all events in 2018

Marshals are required for a number of upcoming events - if you can help, or even if you just fancy trying out to see what this is all about, please take a look at the Marshals required page by clicking the link below:

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F1 2013 Malaysia

WDMC's Annual Awards Night 2017

2017 Awards 1

Whickham and District Motor Club’s Annual Awards night, held every December, is a wonderful opportunity for all our members to come together to celebrate the members achievements in all their motorsport categories.

This year was once again, just as in the past, a thoroughly enjoyable evening with WDMC Club Chairman Ollie Currie and Competition Secretary Tosh Townsend taking centre stage to announce the Award Winners and their achievements. 2017 has been a very good year for both competitors and the Club in general, as was evidenced by the sheer number of awards on display. Competition has been fierce in many areas this season, with some Championships going right down to the wire and the Club has seen some epic results from some of its members throughout the year.

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